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More & more resources now available to Clydebank College students & staff via their Athens password.

We have just subscribed to Biz/ed Premier that gives us access to a selection of business/marketing/management ebooks.


New Books on Health & Wellbeing

Richard Schonborn – Advanced Techniques for Competitive Tennis

Gudrun Paul – Aerobic Training

Luke Davis – Australian Rules Football (Getting into – Macmillan Library)

Blythe Lucero – The 100 Best Swimming Drills

Christine Breakey – The Autism Spectrum And Further Education: A Guide to Good Practice

Balance Your Life and Work: How to Get the Best from Your Job and Still Have a Life (Steps to Success)

Colin Murray Parkes – Bereavement: Studies of Grief in Adult Life, Fourth Edition

Cache Foundation Award in Caring for Children Student Book

Audrey Curtis – Care and Education in Early Childhood: A Student’s Guide to Theory and Practice

Jennie Lindon – Child Care and Early Education: Good practice to support young children and their families

Malcolm Lader – Coming Off Tranquillizers and Antidepressants

Lucy Jolin – Coping with Birth Trauma and Postnatal Depression

Donna Andronicos – Coping with Burnout

Jill Eckersley – Coping with Dyspraxia

Christine Craggs-Hinton – Coping with Eating Disorders and Body Image (Overcoming Common Problems)

Susan Elliot-Wright – Coping with Type 2 Diabetes (Overcoming Common Problems)

Richard Velleman – Counselling and Helping

April News

New Books

These books are now available for loan…

New Graphic Novels!

  • Palestine by Joe Sacco
  • Safe Area Gorazde by Joe Sacco
  • Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea by Guy Delisle
  • Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

A series of books from the Overcoming Common Problems series:

  • Coping with Your Partner’s Death by Geoff Billings
  • Coping with Family Stress by Dr Peter Cheevers
  • Coping with Epilepsy in Children and Young People by Susan Elliot-Wright
  • How to Listen So that People Talk by Mary Hartley
  • Overcoming Panic and Related Anxiety Disorders by Margaret Hawkins
  • The Complete Carer’s Guide by Bridget McCall
  • The Cancer Survivor’s Handbook by Dr Terry Priestman
  • Coping with Perimenopause by Janet Wright

Library Survey

If you want to make your views known on the Library and its services, please pick up a survey from the Library Desk.  We welcome your views and input.

Holiday Opening

The Library will remain open Monday 6th April- Thursday 9th April from 9 am-4.45 pm.  We will be closed on Friday 10th April and Monday 13th April.  Hope everyone has a nice break.

January News!

Library Catalogue

Did you know you can now access the library catalogue online?  From the College website go to Student Services, then select Library from the Related Links section.  Click on Search Library Catalogue to access our wide range of fiction, non-fiction and DVDs.

Reading Groups

Reading Group 1 had their first meeting of this session on Thursday 29th January.  They had a lively discussion on The Observations by Jane Harris.  This month they will be reading  The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O’Farrell, a ‘mystery of relationships and deception’.  Reading Group 2 will meet on Wednesday 4th February and will discuss Children of the Dead End by Patrick MacGill.  If you are interested in joining either group, please contact any member of the library staff.

No-Nonsense Guides

For concise, comprehensive and factual information on some of the most important issues today, check out the selection of new titles added to library stock this month.

The No-Nonsense Guide to:

  • Climate Change
  • Fair Trade
  • Global Terrorism
  • Human Rights
  • International Migration
  • Islam
  • Sexual Diversity
  • Women’s Rights
  • World Poverty

New Sports Books

Now available in the Library:

  • Fitness on a Plate: Anita Bean’s Guide to Healthy Living, Anita Bean
  • 101 Fun Warm-Up and Cool-Down Games, John Byl
  • Sport First Aid: A Coach’s Guide to Preventing and Responding to Injuries (3rd edition), Melinda J. Flegel
  • Research Methods for Sport Studies, Chris Gratton and Ian Jones
  • Advanced PE and Sport A Level (3rd edition), John Honeybourne, Michael Hill and Helen Moors
  • Managing Sport Facilities and Major Events, Hans Westerbeek, Aaron Smith, Paul Turner, Paul Emery, Christine Green and Linda van Leeuwen
  • Applying Psychology to Sport, Barbara Woods


New Motor Vehicles Books

 Available in the Library now:

  • Gasoline-Engine Management (3rd ed.), Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Automotive Air-Conditioning and Climate Control Systems, Steven Daly 
  • Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems (3rd ed.), Tom Denton
  • Motor Vehicle Engineering Level 2 (2nd ed.), Tom Denton
  • I-CAR Professional Automotive Collision Repair (2nd ed.), James E. Duffy
  • Advanced Vehicle Technology (2nd ed.), Heinz Heisler
  • Advanced Engine Technology (2nd ed.), Heinz Heisler
  • Hillier’s Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology Book 1 (5th ed.), V. A. W. Hillier and Peter Coombes
  • Hillier’s Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology Book 2: Powertrain Electronics (5th ed.), V. A. W. Hillier, Peter Coombes and David R. Rogers
  • Hillier’s Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology Book 3: Chassis and Body Electronics (5th ed.), V. A. W. Hillier and David R. Rogers
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 3: Engines, Electronics and Related Systems (3rd ed.), Jack Hirst
  • Heavy Vehicle Technology, D.J. Leeming and R. Hartley
  • The Repair of Vehicle Bodies (5th ed.), W. A. Livesey and A. Robinson
  • Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology (4th ed.), M. J. Nunney

New Counselling Titles

New in the Library this month:

  • Transcultural Counselling in Action (2nd edition), Patricia D’Ardenne and Aruna Mahtani
  • Counselling in a Nutshell Series, Windy Dryden (ed.)
    • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden
    • Psychodynamic Counselling, Susan Howard
    • Cognitive Therapy, Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden
    • Counselling, Windy Dryden
    • Person-Centred Counselling, Roger Casemore
  • The SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Therapy (2nd edition), Colin Feltham and Ian Horton (eds.)
  • Counselling Skills and Theory (2nd edition), Margaret Hough
  • Person-Centred Counselling in Action (3rd edition), Dave Mearns and Brian Thorne
  • Counselling: The BAC Counselling Reader Volume 2, Pat Milner and Stephen Palmer (eds.)
  • Six Key Approaches to Counselling and Therapy, Richard Nelson-Jones
  • Practical Counselling and Helping Skills (5th edition), Richard Nelson-Jones
  • Theory and Practice of Counselling and Therapy (4th edition), Richard Nelson-Jones
  • Counselling: The BAC Counselling Reader Volume 1, Stephen Palmer, Sheila Dainow and Pat Milner (eds.)
  • An A-Z of Counselling Theory and Practice (4th edition), William Stewart
  • Counselling and the Life Course, Leonie Sugarman
  • Counselling for Alcohol Problems (2nd edition), Richard Velleman

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