New Books on Health & Wellbeing

Richard Schonborn – Advanced Techniques for Competitive Tennis

Gudrun Paul – Aerobic Training

Luke Davis – Australian Rules Football (Getting into – Macmillan Library)

Blythe Lucero – The 100 Best Swimming Drills

Christine Breakey – The Autism Spectrum And Further Education: A Guide to Good Practice

Balance Your Life and Work: How to Get the Best from Your Job and Still Have a Life (Steps to Success)

Colin Murray Parkes – Bereavement: Studies of Grief in Adult Life, Fourth Edition

Cache Foundation Award in Caring for Children Student Book

Audrey Curtis – Care and Education in Early Childhood: A Student’s Guide to Theory and Practice

Jennie Lindon – Child Care and Early Education: Good practice to support young children and their families

Malcolm Lader – Coming Off Tranquillizers and Antidepressants

Lucy Jolin – Coping with Birth Trauma and Postnatal Depression

Donna Andronicos – Coping with Burnout

Jill Eckersley – Coping with Dyspraxia

Christine Craggs-Hinton – Coping with Eating Disorders and Body Image (Overcoming Common Problems)

Susan Elliot-Wright – Coping with Type 2 Diabetes (Overcoming Common Problems)

Richard Velleman – Counselling and Helping