End of Days

End of Days

Like my companion, I came here as a student (74) so the past 9 years I feel honoured to have been allowed to put something back for the opportunity I got at this college.


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  1. K.nSo.nHmm.nThe epilougue is written in the doggie’s viewpoint…did anyone else find that extremely boring..and slightly irritating? I did. This book, however unique, seems to be one of those books (TO ME) that wins some praise from critics, is read once or twice, thrown in the back of an eighth grader’s locker, and then returned back to the library and never discussed again (see HOOT, THIS LULLABY, FLIP etc.).nMaybe the author is writing it in a way that it will appeal to young girls, but I do NOT like being treated like a troubled little teenager in the eighth grade. But whatever. Click http://link.mx/hool081945

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