A Rose Louped Oot

The librarian got himself invited to the above book launch & event.
The songs & poetry brought all the UCS memories flooding back.
The Cunard Suite in the College was an appropiate setting & it was great to chat to Tom McKendrick, Owen McGuigan & be in the company of Gil Patterson our MSP & perhaps future councillor Alex Scullion.


Open for Education

This event hosted by Jisc Rsc Scotland N & E in Ediburgh 20th May 2011 was very enlightening.

I would suggest that Carol Walker (‘wee dog’ Twitter) stole the show for me. Her breathtaking presentation on Learning Resources for All can be found on her Learn Tech Bits blog.http://cawa.co.uk/

Library Thing

You asked up for them so we got them.

All our recent book titles have been added to Library Thing.

You can browse through the list to see what we have added.


There is only one Lisa Firth

The ‘Issues’ series edited by Lisa Firth is very popular in the college library.

This is no doubt due to some of the staff pushing them and because students realise that this is a simple, easy to use introduction to some daunting social issues.

The latest batch have a delightful appealing, modern look that attracts them to our enquiring students & staff.



There is more to wiki than just wikipedia. There is a whole raft of useful resources…e.g. wikibooks


Booked 2011

I finally got myself to my first event at West Dunbartonshire Council’s Booked Festival of Words.

It wasnt very well attened for my second hearing of Alan Bissett at a Booked event.

Alan as usual was exciting & dynamic & his ‘Moira Monologue’ his one woman show, was pure standup comedy.

His visit to Dalmuir was sandwiched between trips to NY & Australia.