Record of an interview with Gracias Kassongo WaMukendi

Record of an interview with Gracias Kassongo WaMukendi, Clydebank College Student President, 24th February 2010 regarding use of the Library

I asked Gracias what he liked about the library and he replied, that it was a welcoming environment, where you could get on with your study, meet your friends, find resources and get library staff support, whenever it was required.

Gracias did express complaints he had received concerning wireless access, Facebook and You Tube as he believed that access to these resources were essential for today’s students.

He also stressed that with individual logins this could be monitored. Furthermore, YouTube and Facebook monitor themselves for unsavoury materials.

He would also suggest that the library had earphones for student use. I explained that we used to have them, but they got damaged, plus some students did not like to use earphones after someone else had used them.

(perhaps the bookshop would sell them)

Gracias also mentioned that he thought the library was weak on commercial/business/company information and that he & his class had to go up to the Mitchell Library for this type of information.

I showed him the Marketline Online database that we subscribed to, and he found much of the information he required. He admitted that his class were not aware of this useful resource.



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