Review: No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod

Book Review: No Great Mischief

Hugh Beattie

 no great mischief.jpg

I had heard mixed reviews of this from other readers and thus I did not expect a page-turner. Although this novel meanders all over the place, I did enjoy it for the following reasons: it paints a fine picture of island/highland life both here in Scotland & also in Canada.  It is jam – packed with Celtic folklore & wisdom & the little nuggets are repeated throughout the novel like a mantra.
On the surface this may seem like a nostalgic look at the Highland Clearances from the better life in the New Scotland, but this novel contains such weirdness, sadness & a sense of loss written in a way, that keeps you turning pages to see, where it could possibly be going next.
All the characters are so strange they remind me of my own family.
The old adage that our ancestors are not dead as long as someone can remember them living, seems appropriate.


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